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Stewart Mitchell


“Whichever medical system one follows, its usefulness depends on the recognition of the innate responsiveness of the human being; successful surgery relies on this, appropriate medicines only complement it, and psychological therapies must accord with it. But with the emphasis on confident self-regulation, the regenerative potential of the body, and the collaborative manner of practitioners, naturopathy is the true inheritor of the Hippocratic tradition. “

As practitioner, lecturer, author, broadcaster, keynote speaker and restaurateur, Stewart Mitchell has been promoting the benefits of naturopathic philosophy for more than 30 years. A product of Edinburgh’s famous Kingston Clinic (1938-88), he is based on Dartmoor in Devon UK (“a very civilised wilderness”), from where he commutes regularly to practices in the USA, Switzerland and India.

Naturopathic treatment is directed towards immediate relief as well as longer term interests, with particular relevance to; Pregnancy and Birth; Nutritional Requirements; Posture and Pain; Emotional Stress.

Consultations by Appointment (for Switzerland and India use email).

15 Southcombe Street, Chagford, Devon TQ13 8AY: 01647 433842,

Associate  Lecturer, Peninsula Medical School, Exeter UK: 01392 410954,