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Steve Jamison

I started doing yoga  in the seventies. I’d come across it through some books on yoga, did yoga postures every day for a few years, finished my degree at Exeter University in French, went to live in France and Morocco for a few more years and ended up in Senegal.

In Africa I felt the earth beat beneath my feet, I felt really alive. I began playing music with some locals, writing tunes and songs and eventually went back to the UK to do more of it in London under contract to Black and White Music. Along the way  I took up Kyushindo Karate with George Mayo its founder. Twelve years later of training every day I finally got a black belt and later on a first dan. Kyushindo got me to focus more and helped me in many other ways especially with the wonderful energy, the Ki or Chi life force , prana in yoga. I couldn’t settle fully with martial arts, I was seeking something but didn’t know what. George suggested yoga to me and after a while and more travelling I began yoga again. 

I eventually found a good teacher , Ranju Roy, and spent five years working closely with Ranju and for a similar length of time and intensity with Jenny Beeken. Each of these teachers had been taught at one time by extrardinary yoga teachers, TKV Desikachar and BKS Iyengar. I completed the British Wheel of Yoga training with Jenny at the Inner Yoga Trust, and Jenny  invited me to become a trustee of this which I did until moving to Portugal a couple of years later. 

During all of this I’d met a highly accomplished shaman, the late Jane Dagger. She taught me her craft which directly transmitted some of the experiences of yogis I’d only read about. I later worked with her friend and colleague Caitlin Mathews.

I’m now living in Devon and spending periods of time in Cha, my Yoga place in Portugal in the Beira Littoral. Work here has just finished and now  groups will be able to come out to the sun and deepen in to nature and yoga.There is wild swimming and wonderful air. I’ve been involved with rescuing dogs in Portugal, Cha will have space for them to live.


 Contact by email : or telephone : 01884-839714. Mobile 07748 -252424.