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Sebastian Kelly

Sebastian hails from the Lake District, where his affinity for wild places formed. He has worked with groups in nature for over 20 years.  Sebastian also leads personal and interpersonal process groups; events combining inquiry, meditation and nature connection; and men’s inner work.  He currently leads events with WildWise, Mandoria, Wild Soul, and NaCOT.


Sebastian has also worked as a national park ranger, conservation warden and footpath surveyor.  He co-founded the eco-performance company Restless Natives and was formerly on the staff of Schumacher College.


A meditation practitioner since 1998, Sebastian is foundation trained in Core Process Psychotherapy and has been apprenticed to some of the fathers of modern British mens-work.  Since 2006 he has been a student of the Ridhwan School’s psychospiritual Diamond Approach to realisation, and is currently in training as a teacher of this form.


Contact Sebastian:  01364 631 436  /  07914 762 941