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Michelle Levi

Michelle Levi

Relaxing into Tranquility

Michelle has over 15 years experience of teaching yoga and a lifetime of working with the body: working as a professional dancer in her 20’s and then studying Shiatsu and Traditional Thai Massage.

Michelle completed a 9-month full-time Teacher Training Course at Yoga Arts, Austrailia.  She has been influenced by a wide variety of styles and teachers ranging from Ashtanga Vinyasa to Vanda Scarevelli, leading her to create her own unique flavour of masala yoga that is flowing yet precise, and dynamic yet feminine.   Her main teacher has always been Clive Sheridan who awakened in her a deep love of the spiritual teachings of yoga and an understanding of the importance of daily self-practice.  She specialises in teaching retreats and Teacher Training courses.

In her classes she empahsises constant connection to the breath and an awareness of grounding to maintain a body that is stable and free and a mind that is calm and equanimous.  She takes care to ensure that she tailors each class to the needs of those present.
Michelle regularly takes time out to retreat and encourages in her students the practice of silent meditation and pranayama as a natural extension of asana.  Her main aim in teaching is help us bring more kindness into our lives. / 01803 865852  /  07986 654068  /