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Shivdev Kaur


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Shivdev Kaur


This is a non directive dance event . Working with the 5 elements and chakras.  The music is chosen to reflect the quality and resonance of each element culminating in a gong bath and relaxation at the end. The idea is to drop old patterns and styles of dancing and to move from the breath and the soul through the sound current of elements : earth, water, fire, air and ether into a deep meditative dance.
A chance to drop your mind, move and have fun.’
You really don’t need to be a ‘dancer’ to join us, EVERYBODY is welcome in this dance.

Pop up and Dance around Devon with Shivdev

2nd June 10.00 – 11.45.a.m


You can contact Shivdev by calling her on: 07984 994 520 or by emailing her at