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Shi Jing


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Shi Jing

Touching SimplicityExploring the Daoist cultivations of dao yin and mediation

10am – 4pm

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This workshop on dao yin and jing zou meditation is open to the public.

This daylong retreat of Dao Yin and meditation are an opportunity to deepen into these core Daoist cultivations. Shi Jing will also give a talk to explain the intricacies of the Daoist view and practices.

Dao Yin is the simple nourishing practice of opening up the body and settling the mind through stretching and breathing exercises. These are often done on the floor or in the sitting posture. Dao Yin, which means to guide and smooth the Qi, is an essential companion to the meditation practice of Jing Zou (Tranquil Sitting).

For more information and to book, please contact Graeme McCracken: / 07986031365