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Sheila Coombes & Bill Wood


2 (Sat-Sun)

£65 for the weekend

Sheila Coombes & Bill Wood

Saturday  ~   Freedom in Relationship

 Sunday   ~    Yoga, Relaxation & Presence        

Saturday:   Freedom in  Relationship  11am – 5pm 

Tutor: Sheila Coombes

Life is a ‘relationship’ and according to Patanjali fear underlies every experience: fear of losing what we have, and fear of not getting what we want.  Either way we can find ourselves in a constant state of ‘high alert’ with the ensuing physical, emotional and mental consequences.

This is a day of study, practise and groupwork. We will look at ‘fear’ in the classical and modern sense and cover the A&P of the fear response and how to transform that through yoga.   There will also be the opportunity to experience ‘neurogenic tremor  releasing’ – techniques helpful in relaxing deep seated muscular tension.


Sunday:  Yoga, Relaxation and Presence       9.30am – 3.30pm

Tutor: Bill Wood 

An experiential day exploring the connection between being more present and mindful, and feeling more  relaxed in ourselves.

Most of the day will be spent in guided practice, with a ‘workshop’ period after lunch where individual  questions can be explored.


Cost of weekend:  £65

Information & Booking:          Sheila Coombes,