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Caroline Lang


1 (Sat)


Caroline Lang

Scaravelli Yoga ~ Meditation ~ Deep Rest

A whole day of yoga, breath, mediation, quiet and deep rest.  People express so much
appreciation for this simple practice of body, language, touch and release.
It is vital that we put aside time for unbusyness, create enough pause that we can relax,
come back to centre and nourish our deeper roots.
The invitation will be to surrender that part of ourselves that tries to control, fix, judge and
perfect and approach practice afresh and with kindness.    Yoga and mediation can be
experienced as immensely restful and pervaded with ease and joy, making space for trust
and aligning us with the gravity and lightness of this life.
This day will balance movement with stillness and include plenty of opportunity to lie down
and get very comfortable.
From 10.30am to 5pm,  Cost is £45
Please be in touch if you would like a place.  Wonderful if you can join us.