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Caroline Lang


1 (Sat)


Caroline Lang

Scaravelli Yoga ~

Coming back to centre, ground and deep rest

10:30am – 5:30pm


During this day of shared practice, including asana, meditation through deep rest and some chanting, the invitation will be to relax, come back to centre and ground and attune to subtle relationships in the body, to surrender beyond that part of ourselves that tries to control, fix, judge and perfect.

The encouragement will be to approach practice afresh and with kindness. Yoga and meditation can be nourishing, restful and pervaded with ease and joy, making space for trust to flow through and helping us to align with the gravity and lightness of this life.

The day will be a creative response to the group, balancing movement with stillness. There will be plenty of opportunity to lie down and get very comfortable.

All are welcome including beginners and those who teach. We can all learn from each other.

To book, contact Caroline:  / 01803 865252