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Angus Clark


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Tai chi Essence £25 / Pushing Hands £18

Angus Clark

Tai Chi Essence & Pushing Hands

Tai Chi Essence  ~ 10.00am – 1.00pm        £25

Tai Chi Essence offers you, perhaps the most profound, solid experience of learning Tai Chi. In these workshops you learn Tai Chi by concentrating on just a few key moves that contain everything you need to know. There are no long sequences, just key moves and processes – 

Angus’s approach to learning and teaching Tai Chi is built around 5 Key Processes. These are: Freeing; Aligning; Focusing; Sensing and Being.

You can

It’s by working with these processes that you gain an understanding and fluency that gives your tai chi the chance to emerge.

You can come to one/one-off workshops where you will learn enough to keep you going for months. Or you can attend the whole series, which then becomes more like a developmental training program.

If you are a novice to Tai Chi then Tai Chi Essence will give you a strong grounding. If you are experienced already, then these workshops will deepen you practice considerably.


Pushing Hands  ~  2.00pm – 4.00pm    £18

“You can find out more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” – Plato

Plato sums it up pretty well there, dont you think? Bearing in mind, of course, that the person you’re finding out about is yourself as much as ‘the other’. That’s Pushing Hands in a nutshell! 

Out of the nutshell, Pushing Hands is a term given to describe a whole range of partner exercises, both choreographed and freestyle and based on the martial art that is Tai Chi Chuan. These exercises, based on principles of softening, yielding, listening and following encourage you to respond to situations creatively and along the way find out a bit more about yourself.

If you think about how much of your life is in relationship – conversations, emails, texts, phone calls, as well as more intimate relationships, then you realise that a lot of your life-time is about relating. Pushing Hands gives us a way of exploring all of this. 

You start by simply listening to the contact with another person and to the information that the contact gives you.

You develop your sensitivity and ability to respond as well as your sense of grounding and resilience. 

Based on the idea of ‘yielding’ like a reed in the wind, you learn to listen, through the touch, to follow what is happening and create out of that. You don’t respond to what you think might happen or what, perhaps, you want to happen; just simply what is. It’s nice and profound; intriguing and fun.

Newcomers and more experienced players are all welcome.

Angus Clark

Living Movement
Chagford TQ13 8EJ