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Angus Clark


1 (Sun)

£45 or £25/session

Angus Clark

Tai Chi Essence & Pushing Hands

Tai Chi Essence ~ 10am – 1pm

Playing with the essential moves and key principles of Tai Chi.
On this workshop you’ll learn a collection of exercises that are strengthening and energising, relaxing and calming and good for flexibility. Tai Chi uses specific processes of loosening muscles and releasing unneeded tension that leave you feeling very good in yourself.
Whether you are new to tai chi or an experienced player, this workshop will open doors for you, bringing fresh insights and inspiration and give you moves to take away and play with.

Pushing Hands – the partner aspect of tai chi. ~ 2-5pm

Pushing Hands is tai chi that uses contact with another person. It can be fun, insightful and challenging all at the same time. This particular approach is about learning to lead through following and how to use no force to make things happen. Everyone is welcome to join.

Angus Clark – Living Movement
t: +44 (0)7412 387 424