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Angus Clark


2 (Sat-Sun)

£45/day or £25/session

Angus Clark

San Shou – The Tai Chi Dance or 2 Person Fast Form 

Sometimes known as the tai chi dance or fast form, the San Shou is a great, great practice that’s full of energy, always brings lots of laughs, requires a real commitment, often delivers unexpected levels of insight into your practice and tends to be a rewarding undertaking for any player wanting to deepen their game.
The San Shou is a choreographed movement piece with 2 sides/forms, which are played and enjoyed solo. The two sides fit together to create a continuous two person flow or ‘dance’ that is martial application in movement….open, close; full, empty; yin, yang; yield, attack……………….Poetry in  Motion!
A good grounding in tai chi is required for this course.

Angus Clark – Living Movement
t: +44 (0)7412 387 424