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Angus Clark


2 (Sat-Sun)


Angus Clark

San Shou

10am ~ 4pm each day

Sometimes known as the Tai Chi Dance or Fast Form, the San Shou is a choreographed movement piece with 2 sides/forms, which are played and enjoyed solo as well as partnered. The two sides fit together to create a continuous two person flow or ‘dance’ that is martial application in movement….open, close; full, empty; yin, yang; yield, attack. I like to think of it’s poetry in motion! There are 4 weekend meets scheduled for for 2018 and the Saturday of each weekend meet is open to newcomers.

However, you’ll need some experience in tai chi partner work before starting.

These addresses show you both the partner and solo San Shou:  and

Angus Clark

Living Movement
Chagford TQ13 8EJ
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