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Cat Large



£100/£80 (supported

Cat Large

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Course

starts 14 September

Through a variety of guided meditation practices, facilitated dialogue and group exercises, this course will help participants gain awareness of habitual thoughts, moods, emotions, and bodily sensations, particularly during times of stress.  Cultivating this awareness can help to respond to life’s stressors in a way that nurtures and supports well-being.

Thursdays 14 Sept –  16 Nov (no session 28 Sept)

For up to 12 people, the course includes an initial introductory session, followed by 8 weekly sessions.

To book, please email Cat Large on: for a registration form and further information.  If you would like to speak in person call Cat on: 07975 748  383

Cat Large teaches under supervision and with continued professional development via Exeter University’s Clinical Education Development and Research Programme.